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Happy 2014 everyone! Thanks for visiting my website, and to you long-time readers, I so appreciate your ongoing support. The publishing world continues to be in evolution/revolution, so be assured that we writers cherish those of you, who are lovers of words and stories, determinedly and enthusiastically sticking with us.

"Helen R. Myers, in my opinion, is one of the great romance writers of our time..." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews.

This month (actually released Dec. 17, 2013) I started my first series, Sweet Springs, Texas, launched as a Harlequin Special Edition. Book I is THE DASHING DOC NEXT DOOR, and Book II is GROOMED FOR LOVE. Check the Coming Soon page for more information.

Although I lost Robert, my beloved husband of 31 years in 2006, I remain in East Texas with four rescued dogs. We're just on 1-1/2 acres now, instead of Crooked Pine Ranch, but that's a good fit for us. We lost brave and loving Louie due to hernia complications this year, but someone else's "throw-away" arrived by autumn. Ben is working on his 17th year, which is ancient for a dog. Pete is 12 this month, Meg 5-1/2, and newcomer Roxie is somewhere between 8 months and a year old. Meg suffered deep depression upon losing her BFF Louie, but she's rebounding with her new BFF Roxie. Miss Energizer Bunny is also helping her lose unwanted extra pounds, too!

When I'm not gearing up for some DIY project (I love Nicole Curtis' REHAB ADDICT and PROPERTY BROTHERS!), communing with the flora and fauna, or fighting the elements and critters attacking my vegetable garden, my interests continue to be politics, astrology, and catching up with true and long-term friends. Frankly, I have more interests than time, and I don't understand anyone who says, "I'm bored." If you're looking for insight into your coming year, I respectfully recommend Susan Miller's ASTROLOGY ZONE. I also find Chinese astrology equally intriguing. That said, February will begin the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse. The last wood horse was in 1954. Google 2014 Chinese New Year for more information. One clue: while change was painful and slow in 2013 with the water snake, momentum is about to accelerate.

Finally, enough of you keep asking me to do a newsletter or blog to where I promise to look into that. In the meantime, you can contact me via this website, or find me on Facebook under Helen Myers. Thanks again for your support, and know that I'm wishing you and yours a blessed year!



GROOMED FOR LOVE, by Helen R. Myers

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Harlequin Special Edition
Sweet Springs, Texas
ISBN: 9780373658152

When Fate forced Rylie Quinn to give up her dream to become a veterinarian, she fulfilled her plan to work with animals by becoming a dog groomer. But her worst client is no dog lover. Deputy DA of Cherokee County Noah Prescott detests delivering his mother's adorable Bichon Frise to the Sweet Springs Animal Clinic almost as much as the eternally sunny Rylie grates on his nerves. Then he discovers she is too good to be true--there's a warrant out for her arrest in California!

Rylie knew she couldn't keep her tragedy a secret forever, but she's deeply hurt by the unnecessary embarrassment Noah causes her as he exposes her career-altering predicament. With no small chagrin, Noah tries to make amends, but to no avail. Rylie wants nothing to do with him. However, there's a good reason for him to keep striving to win her forgiveness--he's fallen hard for this young woman of courage and fortitude

Available Now

News & Appearances:

4.28.14 -
 GROOMED FOR LOVE  is available now!

Find it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or check with your favorite book store for availability!

12.16.13 - THE DASHING DOC NEXT DOOR is available now!

Can a matchmaking pup bring a city slicker and a small-town doctor together? Find out in Helen Myers's first Sweet Springs, Texas story!

When city girl Brooke Bellamy rushes to Sweet Springs, Texas, to be by her ailing aunt's side, little does she know that she's headed straight into a whirlwind of her own! Managing Marsha's floral shop and keeping an eye on her aunt's mischievous basset hound, Humphrey, is hard enough. Luckily, Marsha's neighbor, veterinarian Gage Sullivan, is more than willing to give a helping hand with the stubborn pup…among other things!

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"Four weeks on distributor Book Scan's bestseller list!"

10.16.13 - Myers Guest Speaker At Commemoration Ceremony

Helen performed her poem What Is A House? on Saturday, September 21, 2013 for the unveiling of the National Historic Site plaque issued by the United States Department of the Interior to Oaklea Mansion. Click here to learn more!


Thanks to those of you who've asked Helen to write stories with connecting characters in previous books. She did one loosely tied trilogy with THE PIRATE O'KEEFE, KISS ME KATE, and AFTER YOU (all Silhouette Desires in the '90s). Now she's been invited to do a miniseries!

Sweet Springs, Texas!

Welcome to Central East Texas and the fictitious town in what really is Cherokee County. In a triangle between Dallas, Texarkana, and Houston, we're not far from Tyler, the Rose Capital of the World, and Kilgore's Oil Museum. It's still piney woods country, and gorgeous ranch country. It's small-town America where people still wave to each other as they drive by, and you don't need to know Kevin Bacon to figure out there are only a few degrees of separation between one person and another.

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